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I'm a Lebanese, Grew up between Kuwait and UAE,
Educated at USA, and Now I'm Living in Abu Dhabi - UAE:

Born in a small village at South Lebanon called:
Khiam (Khiyam) - of Marjeyoun County.

My Childhood was distributed among three countries:
1- Kuwait: Jan 1961 - March 1970,
2- Lebanon: March 1970 - July 1974,
3- Abu Dhabi - UAE: July 1974 - Sep 1981.

I had my graduate studies at USA from
Sep 1981 - Dec 1987:
I completed there the following high degrees:
1- Master of Business Administration
     - Marketing & Advertising Track.
2- Bachelor of Science at Computer Science
    - Engineering Design Track

In Jan 1988, I went back to Abu Dhabi for
working,and I am still there. However, I am
visiting my home country "Lebanon" frequently.
In July 1997, I got Married
In May 2004, We got our first baby "Malek"

My interests and hobbies:

Earlier, It was fishing,
- Preparing Feasibiltiy Studies.
- Writing Marketing Plans.
- Conducting Business Researches.
- Reading Historical & Political Books.
- Browsing the INTERNET.
- Sending Emails to my friends.

After I began my Practical Life,
beside my Home Country LEBANON,
I visited the following countries:

1- Malaysia in June 1990, as a tourist.

2- Singapore in June 1990, as a tourist.

3- Jordan in Nov. 1995, representing Samsung
Gulf Electronics of Jabel Ali Free Zone at
the Samsung Middle East Regional Conference.

4- Kuwait in March 1997, as delegations'
member at theFirst Gulf Parliament Conference.

5- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, (Hajj - Pilgrimage)
in Feb-March 2001