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Here are my family photos:

My Father:


Haj Mohamad Malek Abdallah (Nov. 1934
-June 1998), Spent most of his life abroad,
Kuwait (Dec.1953 - March 1970), Liberia
(March 1970 - July 1973), Abu Dhabi - UAE
(Aug. 1973-Mar. 1998), Back to Lebanon on
March 1998 and died there on June 13, 1998.

My Great Grandfather:


Haj Husein Abdallah (1860 - 1919),
Born at Hijaz during his father trip
to Pilgrimage and died at his village,
Khiam - Marjeyoun of South Lebanon.

My Grandfather:


Haj Naeem Abdallah (1896 - August 1980),
spent all of his life at his own village,
KHIAM - Marjeyoun,of South Lebanon,
however he died at Beirut - Lebanon on
August 17, 1980.

My Great Grand Grandfather:


Haj Hasan Abdallah
(1790 - 1903)

Grand Parents

My Grand Parents

Haj Hasssan Mohd Al Abdallah and his 14 sons in Khiam - Marjeyoun of South Lebanon.
(This photo might be taken between 1880 - 1890)