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Some of my favorate Web Sites:


Jdeidet Marjeyoun (Our County Center)

Welcome To Marjeyoun:

Deirmimas (Our Neighbor Village):

Chebaa (Our Neighbor Village):

Chebaa (Our Neighbor Village)"2nd Site":

Haramon (Jebel Al-Sheikh Mountain):

Welcome To Bint-Jbeil (Our Neighbor Town):

Information about Khiam:

Personal Home Pages:

My Cousin, Dr. Kamel M. K. Abdallah:

My Cousin, Bilal M. K. Abdallah:

My Relative, Hassan H. H. Abdallah:

Zaher Dawy - (From Khiam) Research Assistant (Ph.D. Student in Germany)

My Classmate at Merjeyoun Nat. School, Dr. Safa Abou Chahla:


Khiam Prison Web Site:

Khiam Prison Page:

The National Committee for Lebanese Detainees In Israeli Jails:

Follow-Up Committee For The Support Of The Lebanese Detainees In The Israeli Prisons

Al-Khiam Center for the Rehabilitation of the Victims of Torture

Recommended Sites:

LibanVote website: